Pre-reading for Harvard/MSR eScience Workshop


A bit of recommended reading to suggest prior to the workshop – something hot off the press! 

One of our workshop attendees, Anita de Waard (the Disruptive Technologies Director at Elsevier Labs) is sharing with us a DRAFT version of a document that was prepared by attendees at workshop held in Dagstuhl, German this past August.  The group was convened to address the same challenge we are tackling in this workshop – how to speed change in scholarly communication.  The group calls itself the Future of Research Communication (the FoRC Network – or Force11), and we are lucky to have ~6 of these people joining us for our meeting.  We hope very much that our workshop in Cambridge can carry forward the momentum from Dagsthul – as well as from the “Beyond the PDF” workshop held in San Diego this past January.

The Dagstuhl Manifesto document can be found here, and is in various formats (PDF, HTML, and LaTex).

We’d like to stress to everyone that (a) this document is still very much in DRAFT form and (b) has not been validated by the Force11 participants.  We ask that you not disseminate it further at this point, but simply consume it for the purposes of informing yourselves in advance of this workshop.  Note that it will be moved to a permanent web-home shortly, so this is just a preliminary “sneak peek” of this white paper.  Once it is more formally released, you will be able to point to it, blog about it, etc – but we ask you to hold off for now.  Our thanks to Anita and the other authors for sharing it at this stage.

Hope you are able to review this short paper before the workshop commences!


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